Sgt. Javier Marin
From The Stars and Stripes

Marin, 29, from Michigan and Texas, joined the Army in September 1999. He served as a rifleman,machine gunner, Bradley driver and infantry team leader.

"Sgt.Javier Marin was a true silent professional," Drake said "There were times when I had to order him to speak. Javier was always focused on his men and the mission.  I was told that infantrymen can only be promoted by fellow infantrymen." he said. "I was not one to cause a stir, so I asked Javier who he wanted to promote him. And with his typical grin. he said: "You sir" I will always remember that day."
Sgt, Marin worked alongside us at the PPC Annex. He was staying here operating as the LNO coordinating flights out back to Germany. Sadly he was killed along with 5 other soldiers in his Bradley on his way back to Baghdad three weeks before his scheduled return home.

In Memory of
The men were remembered in an emotional service at the Vilseck chapel in Germany.