I welcome you to LSA Anaconda Iraq (15mb)
Video :
Hi my name is Scott. I'm an Aggie. (please hold the applause) I live in Balad Iraq... this is me, not  in Iraq, it's me in  Italy, my 1st R&R.

Anyway, I took this job in Iraq so I could pay off some debt, save money and get away for awhile. Maybe a little extreme but so far so good. God has a plan for everyone. My plan just seems to go really slow but it's the journey that's important and not the  destination...right?? Besides, I'd like to think God wants these people to be free as part of his own plan. I get to be a part of that. A worthy endeavor.

The hard part about Iraq is missing my friends and neighbors, wine, sushi, pretty girls and just plain week-ends. I'm sure I will appreciate all of these more when I return.... and that in itself would be worth the journey. Getting mortared all the time kinda sucks though.

My Hooch in Iraq