Hi! Welcome to Dubai, UAE

Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world. 1.2 million People and 80% are foreigners. It is a beautiful city and friendly. I am just amazed how great it is, the nightlife, the architecture, the cleanliness, everything. Please go if you ever get the chance, it’s not a cheap city but there are no taxes so stuff like gold is a good deal. J


Dubai is known for its luxurious five star hotels. Perhaps Dubai’s most opulent resort is the Burj Al Arab, the only seven star hotel in the world! (Price: US$ 880 - 2,500 per night)  Andre Aggasi played tennis, up on that ledge and Tiger hit golf balls from it.


Nad Al Sheba Racecourse is located 10 minutes from the city centre of Dubai. The 2,200m left handed dirt track was first laid out in 1986 and was resurfaced in 1997 before the running of the third Dubai World Cup.


The largest indoor snow park in the world has opened in the Gulf Emirate of Dubai. Currently, two mega projects provide ski and snow related activities. The first one is this one, Mall of the Emirates (Ski Dubai) and the second is the Dubai Sunny Mountain Ski Dome, due in 2006.


Sometimes, what looks like a palm tree from orbit is, well, a palm tree. Palm Island Resort, just 1 mile off the coast from Dubai, is scheduled to be complete by 2006. Advertised as “being visible from the Moon” Palm Island is one of several massive projects in Dubai aimed at diversifying the economic base by expanding the tourist industry. The government of Dubai predicts that tourism, mostly from Europe, will quadruple to 15 million visitors annually by 2010. When completed the resort will have approximately 1200 single-family residences each with private beachfront, 600 multi-family residences, an aquatic theme park, shopping centers, cinemas, and more. A twin island is planned to be built nearby.


Gold is everywhere in Dubai


This is the History Museum. It was one of the earliest buildings in Dubai


One of the market squares but it’s early or Friday so no people.


I took this picture because it reminded me of home. Go South Park!


I think this is one of the gold buildings


This lagoon and market where built between to other nice hotels. It houses the famous “Trilogy” night club. I didn’t go to the club because I’m not rich and famous. I did meet a nice couple from Greece who said it was cool.