Greek Islands


This is the rest of my Greece trip to the Greek Islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Patmos. These Islands are fantastic.


This 1st pic describes the feel of Santorini. It says it all. What a place. Probably the most relaxed I’ve been in years. New friends, good wine, great seats, perfect sunset……The Good life.


The two main settlements on Santorini:

In the above and below picture: Phria


This is from the other major settlement on the Island. It’s famous for postcards: Oia. I didn’t take this picture but wanted to show you because you’ve probably seen it before.


The group upon arrival at the hotel which we mostly had to ourselves. This really was a great travel group!!


After check in some of us decided to go catch the sunset at the lighthouse. It was windy but we had wine and that makes everything better.



Great 1st night on Santorini The next day after recovering from the pub down the street. I went shopping!!!! Well, for a little bit anyway but also dinner. I do dinner so much better.


My shopping/dinner compadres….we don’t eat down. J



Before Dinner and before the sun sets, finding a place to sip wine is a must. This was a young American newlywed couple we shared drinks with. I wish I could have sent them this picture. It’s another pic which captures the magic of the Greek Islands.



2nd Great night on the Island.


After waking up late the next morning, enjoying the beach, lunch and later losing my ATM card (I always bring two) a few of us decided to try this dinner boat cruise I had found while wandering around town the day before.








It was fabulous and yes guys can use the word “fabulous” now. So ends another day with another  spectacular sunset!!! Tomorrow, wake up and fast ferry to Mykonos.



Ahh! Mykonos, The party Island of the Greek Islands.


Ok, This Island really is party central, nothing gets started till midnight. You walk from bar to bar or dance club to dance club through the little meandering streets, paths really, all the places are small, not big like you might think of other European clubs. It makes for a cozy, crazy atmosphere. People dancing on the bar, windowsills’…everywhere. Completely packed in the clubs every night. I enjoyed the bars outside the clubs most. That’s where I met Stevie Nicks. We shared a drink at the bar till she had to leave. She’s older now but still my favorite Witch, even more so then the ones I’ve dated. Oh, and for the record, I like witches, they have a sixth sense and can read my mind. I miss that. Anyway, Fleetwood Mac will always be my favorite band. “Rhiannon” is the song if you must know.



The Hotel, I was at the top and I had to walk, aaaghh!





We took a walk around town, very nice place.



Stopped for a drink and our 1st sunset on Mykonos. The Island in the background is Delos, the birth place of Apollo. Great Island, read more here





After the Sunset the Storks have the run of the place until Midnight, when the people come back to play. I did too and I did not go to sleep till the sun was coming up….long night but fun.



Next morning uhhh, late afternoon from the hotel.



I awoke just in time to make it for the next sunset.



This night some of us decided to forget going into town and instead checked out this Irish bar next to the hotel. It was a good choice. We drank like the Irish and danced like Gypsies. J



The next morning our ship came in, no more fast ferry’s..we go in style!!!



Goodbye Mykonos!!!



Hello Rhodes!!!

On Rhodes was one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Colossus of Rhodes.

The citadel of Rhodes, built by the Hospitalliers, is one of the best preserved medieval towns in the Mediterranean.

Rhodes used to be the sungod Helios' island. According to mythology, he had fallen in love with the nymph Rhodes, and when he shone his light on her, she transformed into the island. The name means "rose" and the island is known since antiquity as a flowery place.


The first inhabitants were probably the Minonans, Cretans, followed by Dorians at the end of the 2nd Millennium BC. The first inhabitants probably called the island Telchinia. Rhodes was soon to become one of the most powerful islands with its strong military and commercial fleet.


Initially, the island was forced to fight the Greeks along the Persian side during the Persian Wars in the 5th century BC, but managed to break free and became a member of the Athenian League. The island kept flourishing and had an important school for scientists and philosophers. The astro-nomer Hipparchus worked here in the 2nd century BC.


The Romans conquered Greece in the 2nd century BC, and for Rhodes this, and the following Byzantine era was to be a oeriod of decline. Pirates kept attacking, as well as Saracens and Arabs, and the Venetians occupied the island in the 11th century, followed by crusaders and Genovans, and finally the Turks in the 16th century.


The most famous period was probably when the Knights of the Order of St. John ruled here, since there are still several buildings from this time. Rhodes is even referred to as the "Island of the Knights" sometimes. They came in 1309 and stayed until the Turks invaded in 1522.


This Island was awesome. It’s like stepping back in time, a time when knights must have galloped over her cobblestone streets. You can almost hear the horses. It’s beautiful and full of history. I could have stayed for years.



Harbor entrance: The entrance of the ancient harbor is embellished by the statues of Elafos and Elafina, the male and female deer.


Ancient acropolis, City of Rhodes, Rhodes



Outside walls of the walled city, built by the Knights much later then the acropolis.

Back and then the front



Garden at the Palace


After passing 3 surrounding walls, the entrance to the Palace

 The majority of exterior scenes for the films The Guns of Navarone and Escape to Athena were filmed on Rhodes.



Off to Lindos on the Island of Rhodes



We have to climb to the acropolis of Lindos!!!



So we decided to put ass on ass to get to the top. Probably the most dangerous thing we did in Greece.



View from the acropolis at Lindos:



Sexy!!! decide. J




After Lindos, we returned to the walled city, City of Rhodes. (roses)


The Roloi Clock tower says it’s time to leave, no more time to spend in Rhodes, The City of Knights and Roses. L This is a sad moment.


Back onboard the Sea Diamond we danced. It was Saturday night after all and tomorrow would find in Patmos.






In the summer of 2006, The Historic Centre (Chora) with the Monastery of Saint John "The Theologian" and the Cave of the Apocalypse, were declared by Unesco as World's Heritage sites.


Patmos is most notable for its mention in the Christian scriptural Book of Revelation. The book's introduction states that the author, John, has been exiled to Patmos, and that there he saw and recorded a vision from Jesus. Very early Christian tradition identifies this John as Saint John the Evangelist. As such, Patmos is a destination for Christian pilgrimage. Visitors can visit the cave where John supposedly saw the Revelation. Several monasteries on the island are dedicated to Saint John.



We arrive in Patmos early Sunday morning. I was up early after a few hours of sleep. I should have gone to bed earlier but after dancing I wanted some alone time on the forward deck w/ my Ipod… watch the many islands slip behind me in the darkness. It was peaceful.



We disembark and catch a water transport to the pier.








View from the top before we start down to the cave. They were having a Greek orthodox service in the cave at the time of our arrival. It was Sunday morning after all. No pictures or talking in the grotto. It was really moving with all the chanting and incenses burning.

I felt strangely calm yet powerful to be in this place. I felt like I belonged. I will never forget it. I thanked God as I walked out that I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to this place. When so many others can not.






After the Grotto we went to a big hill. I could see the town down below and our boat. That made me smile. J

I forever like big hills.




Later we returned to town for a snack but then we were soon on our way again. This is one of the many houses on the Island. We found out that Tom Hanks and David Bowie have places here and come to the Island to relax. I can imagine Tom and David sitting down at a café for a cold Mykos beer.




On to Turkey.