December 24th 2006 written from Balad, Iraq.


Thailand                       Phuket & Phi Phi



Well Iím back from Thailand again. Another great trip # 3 or really # 4. All I can say is that Thailand is amazing and it doesnít matter if you are taking the family, on your honeymoon or single like me. There is something for everyone here. I started in Bangkok for 4 days. Bangkok has itís own energy and I always like to spend a few days there enjoying the sites and sounds of a busy city. I could go on and on but letís just say after a great time in Bangkok. I hopped on a plane with Nok Air to fly south to Phuket. Phuket is an Island but a big Island. Itís surrounded by tons of other smaller islands. So it has a lot of places to go and seeÖand to dive.


I checked into my hotel in Patong Beach waaaay to close to Bangla Road but thatís the party place and I wanted to be closeÖbut I found I couldnít even try to sleep till 3am because of all the noise from the discos. Next time Iíll stay a little farther from Bangla. Anyway, My 1st night I stayed in to sleep. Bangkok was tiring. The next day I went out on a big dive boat to the twin islands of Ko Racha Yai (big) and Ko Racha Noi (small) to take a refresher dive class and to get my feet wet again.

 It was great and so was my instructor James B. If you want his number, just email me. The Islands are great and the diving is easy with lots of fish to see.


Later in the week, after I recovered from drinking with my new German, Aussie and Welsh friends, oh, and a few Thai gals too, I managed to wake up early for another day of diving.



I hit the water again and concentrated on diving Phi Phi (Pe Pe) Island. With one dive at Shark PointÖsadly no sharks, well one little black tip reef shark but I wanted to see big ones. L


I took this map from Offspray Leisureís website. Look at all the dive sites!! And this is really just one Island!!!  If you need to charter a boat, these are the people to do it with. They can take you anywhere w/ great music, lunch onboard, diving, snorkeling or even just site seeing.  Iíve included a link to the video on their site so you can see what itís like. (same tour trip I was on) Itís worth a look and a total blast!!! The monkeys are funny too.



So, the Offspray, a speedboat with 2x200hp motors. On my outing there were two young English guys on holiday, a really nice couple on their Honeymoon and me. J  We all had great fun and enjoyed our Phi Phi Diving tour with lunch included at a 4 star resort on the Island.


This is the boat. Itís fast and fun.


Anyway, the rest that follows is pictures of my Dec 2006 Thailand adventure.


Arriving at Phi Phi


The beach were they filmed the movie ďThe BeachĒ. I missed James Bond Island so I have to go back Ö.hum? April??


You can rent these Long Tail boats for trips around the Island for next to nothing. These girls seem to be enjoying it.


Swim in the cave if ya like.


It is paradise. One of the bigger open beaches.


Here we just left another beach, a hidden beach behind us. I canít show you. Itís a secret. J  

Great place for a picnic date if you are lucky enough. Iíll be back.


Leaving hidden beach


Another picnic beach and itís empty!!!! To bad I donít have a girlfriend.

You can be dropped off w/ a picnic lunch and they come back later for you.


Me J





Sadly I have to leave and as always much too early.

Iraq is waitingÖboy what a difference a plane ride makes.


Bangkokís new Airport

Merry Christmas